Pressure Air Maintenance Container

Compressed air equipment maintenance container

A maintenance container designed and manufactured in accordance with the client’s specifications for the cleaning and maintenance of compressed air breathing apparatus, the filling of compressed air breathing cylinders, and the cleaning and maintenance of hazmat suits. The maintenance of sub-surface rescue equipment is also taken into consideration in the design of the container.

The expandable section provides approximately 6 m² of additional space during operation. The container is built with a steel frame to which sandwich elements are attached. SFS 4417 compliant demountable platform rails and hooklift attachment have been integrated within the external dimensions of the container. 

The container is equipped with a generator, breathing air compressor, filling station for compressed air breathing cylinders, clean water and wastewater systems, and a drying cabinet. The container also includes a wide selection of spare parts for compressed air breathing apparatuses and 24 air breathing cylinders. The independent filling capacity of the container is 20 pcs 6 liter/300 bar cylinders per hour. Clean and wastewater capacity 500 liters, fuel self-sufficiency over 24 hours. The container can be lifted using the corner fittings or handled via the cable and hooklift.