Cold Storage Container CL-300

Cold Storage Container CL-300

The Cold Storage Container is designed for use as a transport and storage space for refrigerated and frozen foodstuffs.

The cooler and freezer sections are separated from each other with an element wall and sliding door. The container has an automatic cooling system, and each section is handled by a dedicated generator: 1.7 kW for the freezer section and 2 kW for the cooler section. 

All surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs are made from food-certified materials. The interior and exterior surfaces of the container can be washed with water, using a pressure washer where necessary. The containers are designed to withstand the use of cleaners and cleansing agents. 

The Cold Storage Container allows for versatile handling:

  • Demountable platform (within or outside of the container’s dimensions as per request)
  • Hook-lift attachment (within or outside of the container’s dimensions as per request)
  • Demountable platform cable attachments
  • Forklift pockets 
  • Detachable container transport wheels and towbars (optional)
  • Feet (optional)

The container is powered by mains electricity, but it can also be used in terrain and during transportation with a stand-by generator. The equipment also includes a dehumidifier that is used during storage to prevent excessive moisture and the creation of mold. Both the freezer and cooler sections are equipped with storage shelves with netting.