Communication Station CL-600

Communication Station CL-600

The communication station can be placed into field as an easily movable, functional part of the command post, which is also capable of operating independently. It is equipped with command system equipment that enables independent operation, such as information systems, data communication links, and other equipment required for its operation.

The communication station has an SFS 4417 compliant framework that allows it to be handled with cable or hook equipment. The station is equipped with ISO compliant corner fittings for handling.

Due to its versatile handing options, the station can be transported quickly and placed easily into field. The detachable framework also makes it possible to transport the communication station on a truck.

The communication station includes a workspace with heating and air conditioning for five operators. The integrated ballistic protection allows the station to provide shelter against firearms, grenade and shrapnel. The operational area of the communication station is also protected against external CBRN/NBC and EMP threats.

The communication station is equipped with a high-performance diesel generator, which ensures its operation in field regardless of access to external supply of power. As an option, the communication station can be equipped with dedicated camouflage systems designed for both summer and winter use, that protect the station against thermal imaging, radar, and reflections.