Base Station Container CL-400

Defence Solutions

Conlog provides unique solutions to demanding military conditions. With extensive experience working in austere environments, our engineers develop flexible and modular systems to meet even the toughest and complex requirements. Our designs are always based on the client’s needs and we can realize even the smallest modification requests. We ensure that vehicles comply with all road-traffic laws and other official regulations.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Command Facilities
Base Station Container CL-400
Command Post KOPA
Communication Station CL-600
Communication Station E
Control Vehicle VEHA
Mast Shelter Containers
Operating Room CL-800
Special Purpose Containers & Support System Containers
Chemical Storage Container
Cold Storage Container CL-300
Communication Equipment Maintenance Container
Equipment Drying Container VAKU
Equipment Maintenance Container VAHU
Expandable Containers
Maintenance Container for Armored Vehicles
Pressure Air Maintenance Container
Storage & Transportation Container for Explosive Materials