Expandable Containers

Morehouse M75i

A 3:1, CSC inspected container with an integrated demountable platform system and electro-hydraulic opening mechanism. The container is available with an optional automated leveling system and an electro-hydraulic opening mechanism for the ends as well. The container can be opened while on a vehicle without unnecessary climbing.

  • The key functions are integrated into the container and the number of separate devices utilized in the container solution is minimized.
  • The container can be deployed quickly. Converting the container from transport to operation mode only takes approximately ten minutes and can be performed by a single person.
  • A fuel operated heater comes as standard, which means that the container can be preheated for use during transportation.
  • The container is CSC inspected, facilitating international transportation.
  • The container can be delivered with NBC and ballistic protection.

Morehouse M75iM

  • A 3:1 container with 75 mm of insulation and manual opening mechanism.