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About Conlog

Conlog is Finland's principal defence systems integrator, providing NATO and its allies with modern, integrated security solutions and comprehensive life cycle management. We provide highly mobile, containerised shelters that can be operated in the most demanding conditions. Our systems protect against ballistic threats and enable military units to operate at sea, in the desert or in the Arctic.

The shelters can be provided with Conlog’s mast systems, which can lift radars or antennas hydraulically to a height of 35m or more in a matter of minutes. For civilian or disaster operations, our shelters can be outfitted as a mobile field hospital or equipped with other specialist equipment.

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Conlog's highly mobile and durable expandable shelters and newest mast hydraulic mast system are crucial components of the Saab r-TWR Deployable digital tower. (Saab video)

Learn more about how Conlog's mast systems enable dispersed operations, safeguarding personnel and assets.

Meet our subsidiary company: SK-LIFT Oy

Providing you with more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing mast systems. SK-LIFT manufacture movable, thermally insulated and mast-mounted equipment shelters with active and passive self-protection systems designed for arctic environmental conditions. SK-LIFT is a fully-owned subsidiary of Conlog.