Emergency Clinics and Disaster Response Containers

Clinics and Major Accident Containers

Our Emergency Clinics & Disaster Response mobile containers enable first aid and medical procedures in challenging condition. The fully equipped treatment facilities built inside container can be transported directly to the site of an accident, thus making it possible to begin the treatment of the injured parties immediately in hospital-grade facilities. The medical staff has access to appropriate facilities for providing first aid, preparing patients for transport, and even surgeries where transport would threaten the patient’s life.

The facilities continue to operate flawlessly in challenging temperatures. They enable the maintenance of constant operational readiness and provide savings by increasing the utilization efficiency of expensive equipment. The level of care and equipment designed by medical professionals corresponds to the highest standards for medical care.

The movable container solutions also offer response capability to civil authorities. They enable the flexible transportation of command and equipment to wherever they are needed. The command container secures the command of rescue operations in multi-authority situations or major accidents at the incident area. The command container also ensures command facilities during malfunctions the regular system.

The medical, equipment, and maintenance containers can be used to ensure that resources are efficiently available wherever they are needed. For example, they can be used to provide the conditions for rescue and medical operations during major events.