Eye Clinic

We designed and manufactured a mobile eye clinic for the Oulu University Hospital. The mobile unit is used for ocular fundus photography, image analyses, visual field tests, and tonometry. 

The trailer functions as a workspace for two researchers and as a waiting and examination area for 1–4 clients at a time. The trailer can be moved between different municipalities where examinations are conducted. The trailer can be towed with a vehicle that has a towing capacity of 3,500 kg, such as a cross-country vehicle or truck. 

The design of the trailer focused on providing a pleasant, safe, and ergonomic working space for the employees and clients. The trailer is equipped with air conditioning that can be adjusted independently for both ends of the trailer. The trailer is heated with a central water-heating system that can be powered by electricity or gas and air source heat pump. The trailer is equipped with video surveillance and an alarm system. The trailer also has a rear-view camera to assist the driver of the towing vehicle.