Supplementary Maintenance Services

Modification, modernization, and equipping services carried out during maintenance

We carry out lifecycle analyses for our clients’ systems and devices that, for example, consider the systems’ service requirements, update the spare parts analyses, and survey the potential need to replace equipment or components.

The modernization and modification work carried out during maintenance operations is used to extend the lifecycle of the equipment, to ensure the reliability of the equipment throughout the entire planned lifecycle period, to improve the specifications of the equipment, and to reduce the maintenance cost of the system. Modernization work could consist of adding or updating a single system component or updating a larger system or equipment configuration.

Modernization work can be carried out at a client’s facility or in one of our own facilities.

As a manufacturer of sophisticated system solutions, we have robust experience of servicing and repairing products from other manufacturers and, for example, for planning and carrying out lifecycle updates.

We manufacture and supply container-related equipment and device configurations that are compatible with the containers and systems of other manufacturers in addition to our own.