Spare Parts & Accessories

Spare parts, Accessories, and Warehousing Services

As a manufacturer of sophisticated system solutions, we are able to manufacture high-quality original parts and accessories to our products by ourselves, or we can procure parts designed and used by us from their original manufacturers in a cost-effective manner.

The most generally used spare parts are typically kept in stock and can be delivered to our clients quickly.                    

We also offer our clients specifically tailored warehousing services ranging from the warehousing of spare parts to the warehousing of containers or container product ranges. Where necessary, the service also includes the servicing and maintenance of the warehoused materials during storage.

We offer various storage facilities ranging from classified, supervised interior locations to outdoor storage of containers.

Regarding the movement and handling of system platforms and containers, we can offer a wide range container handling devices, platforms, wheel sets for moving containers, hoists and jacks.