Mobile Radio Station CL-600 MLU

Communication Station CL-600 MLU

The equipment shelter, and the systems installed within function as part of the core or access network for national defense. It connects with the other stations and systems in the network through data communication devices.

The entire data communication and communication equipment used in the equipment shelter is replaced during the modernization process. This includes the mast, antennas, routers, radios, telephones, cabling, connections and terminal devices. Additionally, all supplementary materials required for communications operations is reviewed and replaced where necessary.

The equipment shelter is refinished. The paintwork is redone throughout and the roughening on the roof is improved. The modernization process also includes the replacement of the platform on which the shelter is built. The new platform includes an integrated stepladder that enables use of the equipment shelter while it is mounted on to a vehicle. The entire camouflage system is also modernized.

During the modernization, an undervoltage monitoring system for the accumulator battery and a redesigned carbon dioxide detector are installed into the equipment shelter. The lighting for the hatches and the dual lighting system were redesigned. The dual lighting system in the equipment area is completely new.

The modernization includes extensive operational inspections for the structures and systems (such as the generator, ventilation, heating, dehumidification) with repairs carried out where necessary.