BMP-2 Modification Solutions

BMP-2 modification

Modernization of armored infantry fighting vehicles improves the performance and usability of the vehicles.

During the modernization, the vehicle is equipped with thermal sights used by both the commander and the gunner. The IR-based equipment that allows the vehicle to operate in the dark is modernized and replaced with image intensifiers. The stealth capabilities of the vehicle are also improved with a new camouflage system.

The command equipment of the vehicle is modernized by replacing the intercom system and radios. At the same time, connections for modern command systems are introduced to the vehicle. Image intensifiers and thermal imaging devices are installed at the front and rear of the vehicle for the driver. 

The vehicle is protected further using the camouflage system designed for mobile units that reduces the visual and thermal signature. The camouflage system reduces the aerial and on-ground visibility of the vehicle significantly, even where thermal imaging scopes are used. The vehicle’s usability during different seasons is also improved with the installation of an interior heater, for example.

The exterior dimensions of the vehicle are altered slightly, as the width of the vehicle grows by ten centimeters from the original configuration.

AIFVs are primarily designed for the transportation of an attacking infantry echelon and combat against a mechanized enemy. The vehicles are typically equipped with at least 20-mm autocannons and they may also carry anti-tank missiles. In combat, AIFVs operate with main battle tanks that are equipped with better protection and firepower.