Library Buses

Library Buses

Since 1983, we have delivered more than a hundred library buses built on a traditional bus chassis to Finland and other Nordic countries.

Second-generation library buses are based on a standard bus chassis. 

The new third-generation library bus concept utilizes a combination of a standard truck chassis and a modern element body. The standard cab of the vehicle ensures an ergonomic and comfortable working environment, whereas the element body allows for energy-efficient and versatile space arrangement. The chassis and body can be switched out independently, taking into account an economic updating schedule.

The library area has a level floor and straight walls to allow various interior solutions for different applications. The lower compartments on the trailer enable versatile storage and transportation solutions and provide space for auxiliary devices. The library section and the chassis function independently in terms of the electrical system, energy production, heating, and air conditioning. 

The vehicle cab and the library section are connected by an access door. The rear of the cab has room for a refrigerator, microwave oven, and coffee maker. An additional seat for a third passenger can also be installed into the cab.

As the vehicle can be equipped for various different applications, it is a true multipurpose vehicle. The first vehicles based on the new design were delivered in 2012.