The first of its kind in the world

Rock laboratory – Internationally significant expertise in the mining industry

The mobile extractive technology laboratory for research, development, and teaching purchased by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences was the first of its kind in the world. The laboratory enables development cooperation with companies in the region and provides the foundation for the development of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences into a nationally significant competence center in the mining industry.

With its solution, Conlog was able to respond to the requirements specified for the facility by the client pertaining to quick and easy transportability without special transport equipment or extensive disassembly and assembly. In addition, the container had to be designed such that it could also be placed on uneven ground without separate foundations.

The heating and ventilation of the container were designed with the conditions of Northern Finland in mind, while still meeting strict laboratory criteria.

A significant characteristic of the solution is the fact that the mobile laboratory facility can serve as a teaching facility in the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences campus, as well as operate in the context of research and development cooperation supporting the local mining industry directly in the field.

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Photographs: Sanna Leinonen